Sunday, 31 January 2016

My 21st Birthday high end wish list

Hey everyone,

So before I get into this post I just want to put a disclaimer out their, I am not saying I will get everything on my wish list nor am I trying to show off. I have chosen to do this post as It links back to my saving post, as I am saving to go to new york for my 21st birthday next year and these are some items I may want to pick up. I am mearly doing this as motivation to help me save as I have 2 big holidays coming up next year and I want to be able to treat my self on my 21st. If you don't like these types of posts with lots of high end products feel free to skip it.
Anyway after that ramble, lets get started on the post. BTW is is a longish post sorry.

Like I said in the previous paragraph I turn 21 next year and my mum will also be celebrating a special birthday next year as well. Because of this we have decided to not go on any holidays this year and save up like crazy to go on two special ones next year. We are Planning to go to Australia for three weeks before her special birthday next summer. We are also planning on going to New York in October 2017 and being their for my 21st birthday. I am their fore spending the next year and a half saving like mad. So in this post I will be showing you some of the things I may like to treat myself to when we go New york.

1) Burberry scarf- I have wanted a Burberry scarf now for a while, the specific one I want is the large check cashmere scarf I believe it's called. I am still unsure of the colour I want, I can't decide if I want a cream, blue,navy or grey scarf. These feel so luxurious and soft and warm. Also if I get it next October then it means I will have a warm scarf to get me through the winter months. This is super expensive for a scarf but I feel it will be an investment piece as it will never go out of fashion.

2) Chanel Boy bag- This is one of my most wanted items on my wish list and also the most expensive by far. I can't even bring my self to talk about the price. A small chanel boy bag on average costs £2470. I have wanted a Chanel bag since I was 16 though so I am going to have to save up so much if I am to get this. I prefer this style to the classic flap as I feel this style suits me a bit more. I would buy the bag in caviar leather and in black or a neutral colour that won't go out of fashion.

3) Burberry Trench coat-Only recently have I decided to put this on my list. I was on the Burberry site browsing all the different items they sell, when I came across the coats and originally I was drawn to a shorter coat. I had picked out a short navy coat that I really liked, but when I thought about it I would be going in the winter and we would have the really bad winter months ahead it made sense to look at a long coat. I have looked at many long coats and decided on the style shown above I am just not sure what colour I want yet. This would also be an investment piece as coats tend to last me a long time if I spend a little bit more on them.

4) Tiffany&Co twist bow necklace - This is an item I have wanted for ages now and I am so sad that you can only get it in the states. This is the twist bow necklace in sterling silver, little fact about me is that I love anything bows so I was overjoyed to see this on the USA website. This is one of the cheaper items on my wish list but I love it. I own two pieces of Tiffany jewellery already and they are stunning.

5) Louis Vuitton speedy coin purse - Again only recently been added to my wish list, nowadays I use a smaller bag normally and their fore my big Michael Kors purse fits in but then I only have a bit of from on top of it. I own a card holder From Michael Kors but I still have to take my purse as theirs no where for change to go otherwise. While browsing the site I came across this product and its the perfect size just to put my change in and is the perfect pink colour as well.

6)Tiffany&Co twist ring- This is to go with the twist necklace I want, it is stunning, a bow and sterling silver. Theirs not much to say apart from its beautiful and its also one of the cheaper Items. Tiffany&Co jewellery is amazing.

7) Louboutin's - Theirs 3 pictures as am not sure which pair or colour I want yet. Louboutin's are shoes I have wanted for years and years, the red sole just screams luxury. I understand that these are expensive for what they are but every girl deserves a bit of luxury in their life. Were worth it and these are just that. This is a staple piece that will never go out of style and will give you value for money if you wear heels often.

So there you have it my 21st birthday wish list, well done to anyone who read the whole post sorry about the length. I understand it may be mad doing it when am not 20 yet but it gives me a target to save for once the holidays are booked. I am not trying to brag or show of and I know the likelihood of me getting all of them is nil I may be lucky to pick up a few. If you want to see a post talking more in-depth about the holiday and how am saving leave a comment below and I will do it.

Thanks for reading,
Until Next time,
Heathers World.

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