Tuesday, 19 January 2016

How to save money - my tips and tricks

Sorry for my Canva made image, didn't have one prepared as it was a last minute post.

Hey everyone,

I just want to apologise for the last minute blog post this has turned out to be. I have had a hectic staff to the week and then had work which is why this post is going up so late.

So for this post I thought I would share some of my tips for saving money. As I have two big holidays to save up for next year and no overtime at work currently I am finding ways to save money. You may know all of these tips but I am also showing how me as a beauty lover can restrict myself when it comes to beauty buying.

Tip number 1-  Buy things only when their on offer. At the moment their is a list of things I need from boots but I am going to wait until they are on offer to purchase. For example I really need the Radox muscle soak but I am going to wait until it's on offer or a similar item is on offer. Boots are good at having things on offer so if you can wait for it to go on offer then do. ]

Tip number 2- Buy in bulk , this is another way that I save I buy in bulk. If things are on offer I will buy in bulk if its something I use regularly. For example if I see the Johnson's cotton pads are on offer I normally buy at least 2 packets as I go through them on a weekly basis.

Tip number 3 - Buy only what you need, this is something I need to stick to as I regularly go in the shops for one thing and come out with more. Go into the shops and just buy what you need, don't get distracted by the beauty offers instead just head straight for what you need.

Tip number 4- Having a saving goal- Set yourself a saving goal, find something that you want to save it for and set it as a saving goal. For me my saving goal is my two big holidays next year and the dream of getting a Chanel bag on my 21st birthday.

Now I thought I would tell you about something that I am going to do which could help all you beauty lovers who are trying to save money. What I plan to do is to pick one item each month of my list of beauty wants and just buy that one item. So when I get paid I will select one item that I really want weather thats a new beauty launch product or something I have wanted for ages and just buy that. This way I am still getting my beauty fix but also saving money and not buying products for the sake of it.

So here is my money saving tips, I hope you liked this post sorry for it being last minute and rushed. After today I am going back to my schedule of a Thursday and Sunday posting.

I hoped you like this post, feel free to comment below. If their are any posts you would like to see.

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