Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Goals for 2016

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Hey everyone,
Thought I would do an extra post for you all talking about my goals for 2016. I don't set resolutions as I never seem to stick to them, but goals on the other hand I try my hardest to work towards.

I have had a long hard think about my goals for 2016 and what goals I want to set, I think I have come up with a few good ones.

What I have decided to do is set one goal for each aspect of my life instead of just random goals. I personally feel as though all of them are achievable.


My lifestyle goal is to eat better and be more healthy. Since getting my job it means I normally get home around 10pm, and at that point I can never be bothered to cook a meal. So always end up eating  takeaway or something unhealthy. My goal for 2016 is to eat more healthy and force my self to cook more when I get home from Work.


My travel goal is to see a new place this year, I had originally planned to travel to New York this year but that may get put on hold. This is due to me planning a major trip next year for my 21st. If I don't go to New York this year I still want to be able to travel to a new place. I love travelling, their is nothing better than going to a new place and exploring their city and culture. I hope that While I am in University that I can travel as much as possible.

So yeah I want to travel and see a new place even if that is in the UK, just to see a new place is my goal.


I want to get back to University and succeed this time. If you don't already know I dropped out of uni this year for health reasons and I want to go back next year and try again and succeed. If thats to be back at edge hill then fine or if its to go to a new uni am fine with that also.


I have a few goals that I want to achieve for my blog/Youtube. I recently set up my youtube channel and I want to see if I can grow a presence on their. For me this is quite scary I don't mind blogging as you don't see me all that often where as on youtube your more exposed. My goal for youtube is to gain 50 subscribers. You may all think thats small but for me id rather set small goals that are achievable. My goal for the blog is to gain 50 followers. I have been doing this for a year now and I would love to achieve that so please feel free to follow my blog.


My goal for family is to spend more time with my family. My family are all getting older and we don't spend as much time with each other so my goal is to make sure that we spend more time with each other. I love family time and we don't do it enough.


Finally my personal goal is to be more happy this year and have less anxiety moments. I don't want this year to be plagued by my anxiety, I want to spend the time enjoying this year and enjoying the moments.

So their you have it my goals for 2016, it will be interesting to look back on these in a year time and see which have been achieved and which haven't.

I hope you liked this post, I want to know what are your goals or resolutions for 2016 comment them below.

Thanks for reading,
Until next time,
Heathers World


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