Sunday, 17 January 2016

Current beauty favourites January 2016

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Hey everyone,

For todays post I thought I would show you some of my current beauty favourites. These items have been some of my staples over the past few months, as a little warning these are mostly high end. most of my makeup is high end as I have to be careful about what I put on my face due to my super sensitive, ezxcma skin.

The first thing is my Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to chick swish and pop blusher in love glow. I love this blusher it gives the most beautiful flush and glow on your cheeks. You can use the colours individually or swirl the brush in them both which is what I do. I would really recommend it, I have tired most products from Charlotte Tilbury and the quality is always amazing can't recommend her products enough. This retails for £30.

The next product is also a Charlotte Tilbury product and it is The uptown girl pallet. This has been my go to pallet since I got in in September. The colours are pinky nudes and purple brown shades if that makes sense. It is stunning, if you have a Charlotte Tilbury counter near you go and swatch their products. They eyeshadows are super easy to blend and are so creamy buttery soft. The pallet retails for £38.

The next thing is something I held of buying for so long because of the hype it gets, it is the Shu Umera eyelash curler. I am so glad I did buy it in the end, it curls your lashes and really keeps the curl. I managed to get this for £15 instead of £20 as I had a five pound voucher for Harvey Nichols.

Onto the next three things which are Chanel items, Their is two of the rouge coco shines in shade 54 boy and 93 intime. These are my favourite lipsticks ever, they are so hydrating and give you that wash of colour. They are super glossy but because of them being so sheer they don't last that long. These two shades are my favourites, boy is a my lips but better shade and intime is a more pinky nude shade. The final product is a glossimer in shade 148 petit peche. It is a beautiful pinky shade with little glitter particles. The lipsticks retail for £25 each and the gloss retails for £22. They are totally worth the money for that bit of luxury.

The final two makeup items are the Mac 217 brush and the YSL effect faux cils mascara. The mac 217 brush is amazing I don't know how I coped without it, it blends in eyeshadows beautifully and is a dream. I will defiantly be buying more in the future. The next item is the YSL mascara, I had heard Fleur from Fleur de force rave about this and I just had to try it. I was lucky enough to receive this for christmas as part of a set and I think it may already be apart of my top 5 favourite mascaras ever.

The last of my beauty favourites is a new perfume, it is Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. I am not going to try and describe the scent as I am terrible at describing perfumes, what I will say though is it is a more sophisticated and more mature smelling than the Chanel Chance range. I have done a full post on the Chance eau tendre so if you want to see what a sweeter smelling perfume is like ill leave a link below.

So their you have it my current beauty favourites for January 2016, I may decide to make this a permeant feature and do it monthly or every few months am not sure. Comment below if you would like to see this as a series and also comment any of your beauty favourites for this month. If you liked this post please let me know and feel free to follow any of my social media links which will be below.

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