Tuesday, 22 December 2015

London at Christmas time- my winter day trip.

Hey guys, so first of I want to apologise for my failed attempt at blogmas. I really wanted to complete it but I have had to much to do leading up to christmas. I have done more overtime in work, had family things to sort out and other stuff as well.

For todays post I thought I would show you some pictures from my day trip to London last saturday and tell you a bit about it. Apologies for the quality of the photos as they were taken on my phone.

So the first place we went to was Oxford street/ new Bond street we had a lovely time shopping here. I didn't take as many photos here but I will show you a few of them. It was so nice just to take a walk down and because we went so early it was so quiet so you could really appreciate how nice it was. Bond street was a bit busier when we went but was lovely still.

tiffany and co christmas window.
The next place we went to was winter wonderland. I loved it here I wish we had one as good as this, our one doesn't compare. It was so nice to walk through and have a look around at it all. Will be defiantly visiting again next year. This made me feel so christmassy, probably the most Christmassy I have felt in this build up. The atmosphere was lovely and chilled. We even had time to sit and have an alcoholic drink in a circus type tent. I am already counting down to next year when I will be back.

We then went on to Harrods, this was an experience. I knew it would be busy but don't think I prepared for how busy it would be. I love this shop and I always have to go when am in London. It defiantly didn't disappoint me this time, although i was quite relieved to be out of there.

The final place we went to was Covent Garden. This was my second time visiting covent garden and I loved it. We visited some of the beauty boutiques and then had a little nosey round the market which was nice. This is another place I want to visit again when I come back next year. Amazing christmassy atmosphere, the tree and decorations were beautiful. We even seen a big group of people dressed in santa suits aha.

After we finished here we went back to the station to chill in the V lounge till our train. I had a really lovely day, was exhausted and my feet burned by the time I got home but it was totally worth it. Roll on december 2016 London here we come.

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