Thursday, 3 December 2015

Blogmas day 3:- Chocolate advent calendar.

Hey everyone and welcome to blogmas day 3. Todays post will be a short one as I have just realised I covered it slightly in yesterdays post. Lets talk chocolate advent calendars, this year I was fortunate enough to get two beauty advent calendars alongside my chocolate one. If am being honest though I may slightly prefer my chocolate one a bit more.

Last year I never got an advent calendar as we was in the process of moving house in the middle of December, this year thought my mum surprised me with one. Can you guess what one?.  It was only ever going to be a Cadburys one.

Although I do wish Galaxy would bring one out as their my favourite chocolate brand. For me it doesn't feel Christmassy without an advent calendar, its part of tradition. Me and my mum are sharing the advent calendar this year as she wasn't able to get one for herself, so were doing alternate days. So their you have it my chocolate calendar, sorry about it being a short post today apologies.

So what I wanted to know is what do you prefer a beauty advent calendar or a chocolate one?

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