Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Blogmas day 1: Introduction to Blogmas

Hey everyone and welcome to blogmas day . for todays post I thought I would give you an idea of what to expect in up and coming posts.

This is my first year blogging at Christmas so I thought their is no better way to celebrate it than by doing blogmas. Hopefully this will help me get into a good uploading schedule as I am not the greatest at sticking to a schedule.

For those of you who don't know what blogmas is, it is where you blog every day until christmas day. I think the topic has to be christmas and winter related but I know some bloggers are doing different things.

I will try and upload a normal post on a thursday and sunday still as well as the blogmas posts but not making any promises. I am working monday to friday right until christmas eve and my weekends are booked up as well. my blogging time will be late at night after work and early before work but I will try my best.  I will try to get my posts uploaded by 2pm every day but their may be days where it will be late at night depending if am on overtime in work.

Some of the posts you can expect from me is beauty advent calendars post, christmas jumper day in work, tags and a lot more. I am hoping to stick to the christmas/winter theme and do have a lot of posts planned. If you do have any ideas of posts you would like to see feel free to leave them below.

Also leave a comment with your links if you are doing blogmas as I would love to read your posts.

Heres to a successful blogmas hopefully and I hope you all have an amazing december. Personally one of my favourite months as I love the build up.

Thank you for reading day 1 of blogmas and I hope you stay tuned for the rest of blogmas at heathers world.