Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Upload schedule change!

Hey everyone , am back with a quick post today to let you all know about a big change being made to the blog and that is the upload schedule. I have found since starting university that it is difficult to keep to the upload schedule I have so I decided to change it.

So instead of their being a post tonight it will instead be uploaded tomorrow and then another post will be uploaded on Sunday instead of Saturday. Having had a hard think about when to upload I found these days to be best suitable and they are also not as close together so you still get a weekday post and a weekend post.

I will also try to get another post up at some point in between but am not promising as life is really busy at the moment, also I am trying to work on putting blogmas together as that is something I am really keen on doing.

Hope this is okays this is only until January after that it may change due to my uni schedule changing so it's not a permanent change.

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