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October Birchbox & Glossybox comparison- First glance.

Glossybox and Birchbox October 2015

Hey everyone sorry this post is late my hair took longer than expected to get done on sunday and I was out the house the whole day yesterday. For todays post I am going to do a first glance comparison of Birchbox and Glossybox for this month.

This will be a first glance so it wont be full in-depth reviews of the products as I haven't had them long enough to give them a good try. I have been purchasing the beauty boxes for the last two months now and so far so good.

The boxes 

Theirs not much to say about the boxes, the only notable differences is the size Glossybox is notably bigger. That is due to the stuffing they put in the box to keep the products safe, the other notable difference is the style on the Birchbox as this was a special edition box.

The products 

Apologies for them being upside down. 

For me I had such a high hope for the October Glossybox as I wasn't a huge fan of the September box. Not going to lie I wasn't a huge fan of this box either. I have tried all of the products quickly and their is some promise for some of the products. The moisturiser and the beauty sponge will probably be my favourite as for the rest the verdicts still out on them.

The jelly pong pong paint was hard to get out and a bit to dark for me to wear as a lip product, if I was to use it I am more inclined to use it as a cream blusher product. The Lanolips product was a bit oily on first go but I think this product will be one to work with.
Finally the So Susan product a highlighter crayon is a bit meh to me the colour doesn't really highlight my skin it just doesndosen'tt show up when rubbed in.

Overall at first glance I would give the box at 2/5 for now once I have spent more time using the products the score could rise.

Next onto the Birchbox this month we had the option of choosing between two boxes the Back to Basics box or the Stylist edition box. I choose the Stylist edition box as it has more products in that I would use.  The first product in it is the Rituals shower gel, this was a product I was excited about as I have heard so much about it. The next  product was the When sheet mask this is a product I can't comment on as I haven't tried it yet.
My favourite product was a sample size of Bioderma which I am keeping for when I go on holiday.
Next was a sea salt spray from Parlour by Jeff Chastain after having a quick spray in my hair it feels good not crunchy but the testing still out on this one.
Finally the last two products were an English laundry No7 for her sampler perfume, going to be honest its not my kinda scent but a nice addition to the box neither the less. The final product is one of my favourites and it's 100% Pure Fruit pigmented lip glaze in Peach Bellini. The packaging of the product is beautiful and the colour is a sheer pink. It feels very moisturising.

Overall I would give this box a 4/5, although this maybe isn't the best comparison as I had the chance to choose the products I received from Birchbox compared to my Glossybox. If you liked this post let me know and I will make it a regular feature. If you want to see any in-depth reviews of the products comment below and let me know.

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