Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Manchester trafford centre haul part 1.

Went a bit crazy.

Hey everyone, so this post is late and once again I am sorry about that. Todays post is my Manchester Trafford centre haul part 1. This will be the beauty side of the haul and part 2 will feature more fashion items.

So just over a week ago I went to the Trafford centre with my mum, I had some money saved up and decided I would treat myself to some items and that is what I did. I really like doing these types of posts so I thought I would share with you all what I got. Also I will feature my new Ghd's in my fashion post as when I took this photo I had forgot to include them sorry.

So the first place I stopped was Charlotte Tilbury, I really wanted to try some makeup from her as its one of the only makeup brands I don't have access to here in Liverpool. I first bought my mum one of her eyeshadow pallets in The Golden Goddess. I have been slowly helping her build up a good makeup collection and a high quality eyeshadow pallet was next.

Because we was looking for my mum I decided I would have a nosey which proved to be dangerous, since having my job I have been able to build up my makeup collection. I decided that I really liked the uptown girl pallet and less than 10 minutes later I had bought the set, I am a sales assistant's dream as I get sucked in so fast.

So I purchased the set and am so glad I did, I recently used the set on friday night when I went out for  a girls night out and couldn't be happier, the set is aimed at being versatile so that you can use it for a day look and a night look. You get seven of her famous products and a free makeup bag. I wont go into detail in this post about the products as I will do a full review of the set in a separate post. The set retails for £165

While I was at the counter I discovered the colour chameleon colour morphing eye shadow pencil stick which I had seen so many bloggers and you tubers rave about so I just had to try it. I picked up the colour champagne diamonds which is a shimmer champagne colour, this product works well under the uptown girl eyeshadow pallet. I will do a full review in the Charlotte Tilbury post I am going to do, this product retails for £19.

Next onto Juicy Couture, I am a huge fan of the viva la juicy and viva la juicy la fleur perfumes so when I seen this set I knew I had to get it. This set contains four of Juicy Coutures famous perfumes in solid forms. In the set it has Viva la juicy, Viva la juicy la fleur, Viva la juicy la la and Juicy couture. They come in shown in cake cakes as if they were cakes.  Their is 15g in each and it cost £28.

Finally onto Chanel, the first thing I bought was a repurchase of Chance eau tendre travel kit, I bought this as I had lost the refills for mine and needed a refill. This perfume is my signature scent , I wear it every day and it is very special to me so I knew I couldn't be without it. I have done a post on my signature scent so I will link that below. This cost me £64.  Finally the last thing I bought was another Rouge coco shine in shade 93 Intime,  it is similar to boy but a bit of a lighter pink and less nude. This is a shade that I have been wanting for ages so couldn't resist, the price of this lipstick is £25 but personally I think they are worth it. I will do a full post with swatches if you would like just comment down below.

So everyone that was my Selfridges haul, sorry for the long winded post.

http://my-world-heather.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/my-signature-scent-chanel-chance-eau.html - link to my post on Chanel Chance eau tendre.

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