Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Quick update and Apology.

This sums up me and my blog at the moment.

Hey everyone, sorry for the non posts this week, this has been a mad week for me. I had posts originally planned for this week but looking over them I just wasn't happy with the content of the posts. Recently I have been having a bit of writers block which is weird as I have had a lot going on to talk about. I just have been feeling a bit un motivated to write posts, plus with everything that is going on at the moment I just haven't found the time to write posts that I am happy with.

I started this blog back at the beginning of the year as I love reading blogs so wanted to give it a go, also it would also help me with my future career as I want to go into marketing and advertising. So I thought this blog would be a good place to start and to do while am at university. When I started this blog I didn't expect my life to change this much this year, I never expected college work to get so much or to get a job which means less time to blog. Although I have had my job for four months now I am still trying to adapt and manage my time more which is taking time for me to find a schedule that suits me.

I promise That my blog will get back to normal soon I am back in work this week and have no planned holidays until october, but until I start freshers week on 21st September I am going to spend my weekends getting as many blog posts as I can written. I am hoping to have posts written for at least the first two weeks of university and first week of october hopefully.

Once again I just want to say sorry for this blog being a bit hit and miss since may time, I am still trying to find my feet in this blogger world. As the quote above says whats meant to be will happen.
Again I just want to apologise for the way the blog is at the moment it will improve I promise.

I hoped you like this post, feel free to comment below. If their are any posts you would like to see.

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