Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Quick little update and apology

Hey everyone,

So this is a bit different to my normal post but I felt like it was needed. At the start of this month I said that their would be loads of great posts coming your way this month, and I know I haven't stuck to that and theirs a few reasons why. I feel like I owe you an explanation and here it is. 

Number 1: I generally haven't had the time, this is something I hate saying and I feel as though I say this every month but it's true life is getting more hectic for me and I feel like theirs not enough hours in a day. I hate not uploading posts but sometimes it's not possible I work a 5-9 shift so from 4-10 I am not in and before that sometime I am busy. And with me starting university it will only get worse.

Number 2: I haven't had the desire or inspiration to post, I had loads of ideas on what to post but when it came to writing them down I was stuck. I felt like I was in a writers block for so long but am starting to get more inspired.

Number 3: Finally I have been going through some personal issues within myself that I needed to sort out, to put it simply my life isn't going the way I planned for it to go, I am starting to doubt the choices I made. To be quite truthful the choices I made am starting to think were they right for me. I am never one to give up so easily but I know when I am not 100% happy and at the moment that is how I feel. I am a strong believer in everything happens for a reason and I know things will get better and that takes time. But at this moment in time I am doubting myself and a lot of things going on in my life.

So guys that is my explanation for my lack of posting, I hope you stick with me as I will post more, just bear with me. I have got a couple of Ideas for the months ahead, potentially doing blogmas but that will depend on how many posts I can get pre written. I have some ideas already but with me having exams in January, I will have to pre write a few posts so that is something I will get started on soon.

Once again I am truly sorry for the lack of updates, this blog has turned into a place where I can get all my thoughts and feelings out of my head without being judged. I can't imagine my life without it and hopefully it will benefit me in my future career in some way.

I hoped you like this post, feel free to comment below. If their are any posts you would like to see.

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