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Travel series - Planning a trip to new york : Introduction.   -
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Hey everyone, today am back with a very exciting post which is the start of a Travel series that I will be doing.  Now that I have a job I am hoping that I will be able to travel more so each time I travel to somewhere new their will be a travel series dedicated to that trip. All the series will have the same travel label but also a label of the place I am going so that it is easier to find. At times I could have two travel series running at the same time if I am planning two future holidays but they will be labeled clearly so you can find the one you want to read.

The first travel series I will be starting is for New York, I am so excited to be able to start writing about planning a trip to New York. This post will be a small introduction to the series explaining why I want to visit New York and how this trip came about.

I have wanted to visit New York for years now, I first had a real desire to go visit the city when I was in year 8 in 2009 over 6 years ago now. I always dreamed that I would go for my 18th birthday and that was what I wanted to do for my 18th. At the time I was 13 years old and thought I had it all planned out sadly it wasn't to be and I never went for my 18th. Also around this time Empire state of mind by Jay Z and Alicia Keys came out, this only helped to fuel my love for the city I had never visited.

So when I found out I wouldn't be able to go to New York for my 18th birthday I made a promise to myself that when I got a job I would save up to go. So this is how it all came about.

In May of this year I managed to get my first job, within a few weeks of working their I set my goal to be able to go to new york. At this time I hadn't set a date I just knew that by Next year I would be going to New York, who with and when didn't matter at this time. What did matter though was that my dreams of visiting this great city would come true, and this is where the journey began.

In my next post in the series I will talk about when were going, how that came about, who with and the process of looking into holidays. I might also talk about the process of booking it but that will depend on if I leave my next post till september when I am able to pay my deposit for the trip.

I hope you have liked my introduction into my Travel series, and I hope that you will join me on my journey to the Big Apple.
I have a Pinterest board dedicated to New York where I will pin things relating to my trip regularly so if you would like to follow me their the link is: https:

If you have any recommendations about where I should go and what to see while in New York, feel free to comment below.

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