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Oribe dry textuirzing spray dupe?

VO5 compared to Oribe 

Hey everyone, todays post is about a possible dupe for the Oribe dry texturising spray. The Oribe dry texturising spray is a well known cult hair product which helps provide a lot of volume and texture.  The scent of the product is also very nice. The only downside to this product is the price of it with a small bottle retailing at £19 for 75ml and £39 for 300ml. Not everyone will have that kind of money to spend on a luxury product. This product is available on a few online websites, the most well known of them is Space Nk.

Fear not I think I have found a dupe for this product which costs a fraction of the price,  bring in the VO5 give me texture dry texturising spray. This product is the same as the Oribe one as it provides a good amount of texture and volume to the hair and also has a very pleasant smell. This product can cost anywhere from £2.62 to £4.19 depending on where you buy it from, This makes the product cost a quarter of the Oribe one. Although you only get 119g compared to Oribe full size of 300ml. This product is readily available, you can buy it in supermarkets or in Boots or Super drug as well as online.

The similarities of the product are that they both spray with a fine mist, this will help to reduce the product build up in your hair as you will use a lot less. Another similarity of the product is the texture that it leaves in your hair,  they both  leave your hair feeling soft with a bit of grit to it but not gritty if that makes sense. They just leaves your hair feeling a lot fuller with a bit of that beachy sea salt feeling.

The differences are that the Oribe one does leave you with a lot more volume than the VO5 one, that is the edge that the Oribe one has over its cheaper alternative.

Overall I feel as though they are both good products, if you are looking for a more volumising texturising spray and don't mind spending the money then go with the Oribe one. Whereas if you don't mind have a little less volume and don't want to splash a lot of cash on a spray go with the VO5 one as it is a dupe I believe but just dosen't give as much volume as its higher end alternate.

So their is my roundup of what I believe is a dupe for the famous dry texturising spray. I hoped you like this post, feel free to comment below. If their are any posts you would like to see.

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