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My signature scent- Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

Hey guys sorry for the non post yesterday I had originally planned to post but then life got in the way, so to make up for it ill try and do a post tomorrow. These next few weeks are going to be mad busy but Ill try to get as many posts as I can pre written and what I have decided to do is to change my uploading schedule. I am going to test it out by uploading on a wednesday and a saturday and if I can manage it ill still upload on a sunday. At the moment I am without an iPhone due to dropping it in water so can't take any photos but that should be sorted by the end of the week.

Anyway sorry for my long ramblings, for todays post I thought I would talk about the perfume I wear the most which I call my signature scent, this is Chanel chance Eau Tendre.  This perfume is part of the Chanel chance range which includes three other scents.

Am not very good at describing scents so instead ill just give you what the perfume shop website says as they describe it much better than I could.  They say 'Grapefruit-Quince notes intertwine with Jasmine Absolute, warmed by the rounded and feminine note of White Musk'.
To me this smells sophisticated but with a very fruity scent which will have come from the grapefruit and jasmine. To me this a perfume that anyone of any age could wear, I got this when I was 18 and I feel like someone younger could wear this. With some sophisticated smelling perfumes not to stereotype but they tend to smell quite strong and older smelling if you get me, whereas this still has that younger feel to the smell. 

Basically what am trying to say is that It smells amazing and would suit anyone from any age group. The perfume is an eau de toilette which also helps with the not so strong scent as I find a lot of eau de perfume smell quite strong. 

The reason why I say this is my signature scent is because ever since I got it I can't stop wearing it. Having received it for my 18th birthday this perfume holds a lot of memories which makes me not want to wear it so much as it is a special occasion perfume. Due to the scent of this perfume I can't stop wearing it, all of my friends and family can tell when am wearing it just by the smell. 

Overall I really recommend you check out the Chanel Chance range, they recently added a new scent to the range Chance eau Vive which I bought my mum as its more her scent. With this range you are more than likely guaranteed to find something to suit any women in your life. The Chance eau tendre perfume ranges from £46 to £79.99 depending where you buy it from.

Disclaimer - I am not being sponsored by Chanel or the perfume shop to do this post all thoughts are my own. 

Hope you like this post and it has given you some inspiration for perfume ideas. Once again sorry for the no post yesterday and the late post today. 

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