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Life Update- Planning for the future.

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Hey everyone todays post is going to be a bit of a life update as these past two weeks have been mad busy and stressful so I thought I would do more of a chatty blog post as I haven't done one in a while.
Like I said in my last blog post I will be changing my update schedule to a Wednesday and a Saturday and this will be the first week it will happen. So their will be a post today and another one on Wednesday and so on and so forth to see how it goes if not I will change it as needed.

So like I said the past two weeks have been mad busy for me for many reasons. The first being works been a lot more stressful and time consuming, we have had a lot of people off on holiday which means we are needing to pick up the pace and work more so that it doesn't affect us. I work in a retail company which requires you to work efficiently and at a fast pace, so due to the holidays I have been on overtime to try and ease the workload. I am not going to state wear I work but the place I work in is a busy and fast paced retail brand.

The next is that I haven't had the time to pre write the blog posts that I wanted to, I had originally planned to get a lot of blog posts pre written as the next few months are going to be busy and a new challenge. This is due to something which I will explain in more detail further down in this blog post, but due to having to do overtime I haven't been able to get these posts done, which has left me stressed as I like to be organised and have blog posts done so I need to not worry. This whole summer has been a mad time for me which is why the blog hasn't been as organised as it could be but that will change I plan to spend the whole day tomorrow pre writing posts as I need at least three weeks worth of posts pre written.

That brings me on to the next point which is the big change that will be happening which is I will be starting university in September. These past two thursdays have been results day for my BTEC and GCSE's and I can finally say I have done it, I got into university and I couldn't be happier. I am going to university to study marketing and advertising, at this moment in time I won't say which uni I will be attending for privacy reasons but I may in the future. Like I said this is a big change for me so blog posts may be a bit here and their until I get settled into a routine. What  I will say is that I am staying at home for uni so that should help me a bit more as ill have access to my internet regularly.

So they are the three major life updates that have happened in the last few weeks. I am off work next wednesday till friday and get a long weekend due to the bank holiday which is good, it is also my mums birthday that weekend so we will be celebrating that. I have some ideas for series for the blog. The current series I have is my travel ones which will be documenting my planning and my trip to New York, but I am also thinking of doing a university series where I do haul posts on things I have bought and my views on freshers and that. I am also thinking of doing a room decor series as I am planning on giving my room a re do even though its been less than a year since I moved in.

So their you go that Is my life update, I am so excited that I get to start planning for my future by studying something I love. Sorry if this post is really long winded and I rambled on for a while just needed to get it out their.

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