Saturday, 4 July 2015


Hey everyone,
I am finally back with more posts , sorry for being awol for the past few months , my iPhone 5 hardrive collapsed resulting in me loosing all of my images and having no access to easy uploading. As a result I was left with my Samsung Galaxey S3 which had no internet. But I now have a new I phone 6 so more posts will be coming I promise.

So for todays Post I thought I would tell you about an app that I really love called Bloglovin, it is an app which allows you to read all your favourite blogs in one place including mine. Also if you have your own blog you can claim it on Bloglovin this allows you to edit the details and check analytics of your blog.

Its so easy to navigate and new posts are put on their daily, its just a great way to have all of your favourite blogs in one place.

So if you want to you can go follow me on Bloglovin my link is

Thanks for reading,
Until Next time
Heather's World