Friday, 3 April 2015

Shop My Stash

Hi everyone, about two weeks ago I went on a very expensive shopping trip in preparation for a job interview and since then I have been trying to save money for another shopping trip to space NK which is coming up in two weeks.

So I recently decided to shop my stash(I believe this is the correct term), I had been needing some new products but with this shopping trip coming up I decided that I would look through my draws to see what products I owned that would fill these gaps.

I found six products that I used to love but for some reason had forgot about them, and after trying them out again I can understand why some are no longer apart of my routine and some have recently become part of my routine again.

The first product which I have rediscovered is L'Oreal elvive full restore 5 conditioning repairing spray leave in   this is basically a leave in conditioner. What I love about this spray is that it's a fine spray that doesn't leave my thin hair weighed down and helps give that boost of moisture that my hair can lack at time. The picture above shows a full one this shows that at some point I must of loved it enough to buy a back up as I still have a bit left in my old one.

The next product is the V05 mega hold weather resistant styling mousse.  This product is a styling mousse that claims to have 5 vital benefits such as all day volume and hold, healthy looking shine amongst other things. I am sad to say this is one of the products that I understand why I don't reach for it anymore, it doesn't keep volume in my hair all day, doesn't give me a healthy looking shine. Instead I can feel the product in my hair and overall it doesn't work for me personally.

Next is V05 give me texture dry texturising spray with sea salt, I don't understand why i fell out of love with this product. Personally I would say that this product is a dupe for Oribe dry texturing spray which I also own but is like 4x the price of the V05 one.  This product does exactly what the Oribe one does, it creates volume in my fine hair, it gives it that bit of texture even on straight hair and just overall makes my hair look even better than it is. I would recommend this product a million times over and are glad to say this has become a staple in my routine and will stay in my routine.

Onto the body one it is the Body shop Shea butter body butter, this smells incredible am not that good at describing scents so won't bother but trust me this smells amazing. I love the body wash from this range and have repurchased that numerous times and this product doesn't disappoint. It is rich and creamy and keeps my skin hydrated throughout the night or day depending on when I have my bath.I would highly recommend this product, I will be purchasing the full size once my travel size runs out.

primer,body butter and moisturiser

Now onto the face primer it is the Nivea daily essentials express hydration primer, this is the one in the pink tub which I believe is for dry and sensitive skin(I got rid of the packaging ages ago so can't be 100% but I think it's that one). When I heard that Nivea were bringing out a primer I was made up this was at a time where my whole sincere regime was Nivea, so as soon as this came out I knew I had to try it. The product itself feels hydrating when on the skin but I didn't really notice a huge Difference in the lasting power of my makeup and what really put me off was the smell. Like I said before am not the best at describing scents so I won't but what I will say is its either going to be a smell you like and can get over it or it will be one you won't. For me I am going to try and get over it as I do like the product, so we shall see how that goes.

Finally the last product is Clinique dramatically different moisturising lotion+, this is a sample size that I received in a glamour magazine a while ago, used it for a week or two then went back to my old moisturiser. Recently I rediscovered this and am happy to say that I do like it as a moisturiser it felt really hydrating on the skin which was good for my dry skin, I am just not sure if I like this enough to buy the full size which is pricy considering my normal moisturiser is a a lot cheaper and so is my serum. I will finish using the tester then make my decision. 

So that was me shopping my stash, I hope you liked seeing the products that I rediscovered and seeing which I like and some I don't.

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