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Fleur De Force The Glam Guide Review

The Glam Guide £14.99
Stunning Cover

Hi everyone todays blog post is going to be a review of Fleur De Force 'The Glam Guide'. Fleur was one of the first ever youtubers that I started watching back in late 2010 early 2011. I stumbled across her videos by chance and have been watching them ever since, Fleur's videos introduced me to some brands that are now favourites of mine such as Michael Kors,Rebecca Minkoff,Wildfox and Nars to name a few. Her chatty down to earth personality is what drew me in and made me excited whenever I seen a new video in my subscriptions box. Her vlogs of new york have helped fuel my desire to one day want to visit the city.

When I heard that she was releasing her own book I was excited and couldn't wait for the release. This book has exceeded all my expectations of it would be, when reading this book I can imagine fleur saying these things in a video of hers. The book has seven chapters which cover a wide range of topics from beauty to beauty to health and fitness.

The stunning illustrations are drawn by Sally Faye Cotterill whose work was stunning and really helped to capture the feel of the book.

One of the amazing illustrations- sorry about the angle of the photo.

Another one of her Fabulous illustrations.

What I really love about this book is that the way the book is written doesn't target one specific audience, I feel as though this book is suitable for teens or for people who are older say late twenty's. I love that this book is basically Fleurs video's in a book in which is it written in a friendly chatty way and also so that people of all ages can relate to it. For example the beauty section would be really good for the younger audience who are just getting into makeup yet their are sections that the older audience can use and relate to.

My personal favourite part of the book is the section about blogging and youtube. As someone who is just getting into blogging regularly I found that the advice that she gave in this section is particually useful. The three little tips of be consistant,be persistent and be yourself will really help anyone who is new to either youtube or blogging and these will be the pages I refer back to when I need advice.

One of my favourite sections
3 tips for youtube or blogging

This is the first book in ages that I have read front to back in a single day without putting the book down so that must mean something.

Overall I think that this book is totally worth going out to buy. Even if your not the biggest fan of Fleur you will still be able to understand the book as it's less personal and more of an advice guide book. The book portrays Fleur's personality and you can see that in the way it is written and the content. This book is suitable for anyone from teens to young adults to late twenties.

Well done to fleur for an amazing book, Looking forward to seeing what you release next.

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