Sunday, 22 February 2015

Whats in my makeup bag for college

Whats in My Makeup bag for college.

It's currently half 3 in the morning and I have decided to write this blog post for you all as I can't sleep. So today I thought that I would show you what i carry round in my makeup bag that i take to college with me.

I only carry a small makeup bag with me and the bag is part of a set that I received for christmas this year. This is the perfect sized bag for me as I don't like to carry a big bag when my college bag is only small.

The basics.

so for college I carry around the basic's which for me are;

  • lipstick or lipsticks ( I either take 1 or 2 with me depending on the day)
  • lip liner (don't tend to use this but like to take it anyway)
  • lip balm
  • two mascara's (one with oil in and one without)
  • powder
  • two eyeliners a nude one and a black one
  • Nars blush and bronzer compact (also good as has a huge mirror)
  • nude eyeshadow and base 
  • blusher, eyeshadow and foundation brush
  • concealer 
This may seem excessive but a lot of the time I don't use it all just like to have it incase of emergencies and also quite recently I haven't been wearing makeup to college.

Thanks for reading this blog post, Until next time

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Whats in My college makeup bag. 

My Makeup bag.