Friday, 13 February 2015

University Application and Journey Update

HI everyone, today I am back with a university application and journey update as quite a lot has happened since I last spoke to you about it.  I will link that post below so you can go check it out if you want to find out more information about my uni journey.

So when I spoke to you last I mentioned that I was going to an applicant day on the 7th February which was last saturday. I thought I would give you an update on how that went and any other progress that has been made since then.

The applicant day that i attended was one for Edge Hill University, which is a local university to me. This university applicant day was going to be useful as I hadn't gone to the open day as I was ill at the time.

My Edge Hill applicant guide pack
Edge hill's applicant day had two parts to it an optional section and a section you need to go to. The optional section was a campus tour, accommodation tours and other things. I never went to these but looking back I wish I would of now as I am kinda toying with the idea of choosing it as my first choice and living in halls which I never went to see.

The second part was the Department talk and then the taster session and networking session. This bit I attended, my mum came with me for the day and was with me while this talk happened but for the taster session I was on my own with fellow potential students. I met a lovely group of students who I was with throughout the taster session.

My id badge we got given
says my name and the course I want to study

The department talk was just telling us about the Business department and what they do for us, what we can get our of it and the features that make them stand out from other units. I enjoyed this bit a lot. Next was the taster session while I was in this my mum was in a parent talk which ill explains in a bit. So for this taster session we worked in groups on some activities which was fun as we all got to know each other and meet one of our potential tutors and current students.
This went really well and when I met up with my mum she told me about the parent session and what she thought of the uni which was all positive

The networking session wasn't really a session me and the group of people from the taster session just  waited for our parents to come and meet us.
Overall I had a great day at Edge Hill and can defiantly say it's made me think more about my choice.

our program list for the day.

information about the course I want to study.

Some of the modules I would be studying and information about them.

Now onto the final development for this uni update is that yesterday on the 12th February I received my 4th conditional offer from another Uni I had applied for this makes me so happy as I have almost all my offers back and now I am just waiting to hear back from my final uni choice, hopefully it's positive my fingers are crossed.

Thanks for reading this blog post, I hope you are all enjoying joining me on my journey to university and are liking these post feel free to comment below and I will get back to you. Thanks for reading this again. Until next time
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