Sunday, 22 February 2015

New Skincare Routine Overview

Hi everyone,  I am back today with another blog post that is skincare related. In the past 4 months I have changed my skincare so much over the past four months trying to get the perfect balance.

Before I go onto talk about my new skincare routine I will just give you all a little story about why I choose to change my skin care.

So at the beginning of November last year I started to get dry patches on my skin in my t-zone area and around my eyebrows, inner corner of my eye, cheeks and nose. These patches of dry skin were sore and itchy and my first thought was it could be a rash but after having visited the doctor she confirmed that it was eczema.

She prescribed me two products to help is one being a moisturiser which has a mild steroid in it. This was Hydrocortisone cream and she also prescribed me a moisturiser which was a greasy one. To cut this long story short I never really used the moisturiser as it didn't suit my skin and I did use my cream.

Having these red patches of flaky skin made me feel very self conscious of how I looked when out and in college, this is what urged me on to change my skincare.

so I thought that I would give you an overview on my skincare routine.

This is my Skincare box that I keep in the bathroom next to our sink, this has my basic skincare which has since been updated. In this I have my morning cleanser which is the Garnier miceller water, my Night time cleanser which is the Origins pure cleanse, my toner which is the Loreal micelles water and my spot treatment which is from origins. I also keep some cotton pads, my lip scrub, throwaway razors and my eczema cream.

My morning routine is cleanse , tone, eye wash, eye treatment and moisturiser or serum, whereas my night time can be cleanse, tone, moisturiser , mask (sometimes, spot treatment, lip scrub and then finally over night mask.

I hope you enjoyed this quick overview, sorry about a lot of skincare posts recently. Thank you for reading this post, Until next time.

Heather's World.