Friday, 6 February 2015

Escentual Haul

Hi everyone so today I am back with an Escentual haul post. I placed an order on saturday 31st January as they had 10% off on selected brands till the end of January and also their was a few things I wanted to try out and one was a repurchase.

*disclaimer - I am not being sponsored by Escentual or any of the brands shown here, all thoughts and opinions are my own*.

so I received my order on the 4th February and thought that I would share with you what I got.

My Escentual order.

The first thing that I received was a free Escentual Nail file which i thought was a lovely little touch to the order, and I had been needing to buy a new nail file so will come in handy.
my Nail file that i received free.
sorry about the angle.

So I will start with the product that was a repurchase. The product that I had decided to repurchase was Bioderma. I had tried Bioderma and loved it, I had the travel size which i finally used up on my october trip to London and also the 250ml size. The product was great for me as I suffer with sensitive eye's so most makeup removers react badly to my skin. Once it was gone I just couldn't justify the price tag (as a student who has no real income as part time jobs are hard to find , although I won't quit trying) the price of the 250ml being £10.20 I just couldn't as I currently save my money and then buy what i need with it.
I looked for alternatives and found the garnier one to be an okay substitute. Long story short when I needed to purchase other items from the website I couldn't pass up the chance to get a new bioderma that i will only use on eyes when necessary

Re united with an all time fav,

The next purchase was a new one. It was the  Eau Thermale Avene  200ml (can't get the correct e up) gentle toner. I had been on the lookout for a new toner for a while as my Loreal micellar water which I had been using for a toner was almost empty. I have been suffering with dry eczema prone skin around the t zone and near my eyebrows/inner eye, so needed something that wouldn't kick that off. After reading great reviews on it I decided to buy it, it was on offer at the time for £8.60 (original price is £11.50). Having used it for the first time today on the 6th February I can say am liking it so far I will go back and finish my old one before completely using this one. So far so good.

Could it become a holy grail
only time will tell?

Onto the second to last item I purchased was completely new to me never really heard much about this brand before. The product was Vichy Aqualia Thermal Fortifying & Soothing 24hr Hydrating Care Serum 30ml. I had been on the lookout for a serum for a while now and needed one that was hydrating and suitable for sensitive skin, so when I seen the reviews for this one on the website I was sold. I have tried it today and so far I like it, Its more of a creamy one than a water based one as it took some rubbing in and wasn't as easy to just pat on the face. The price of this is £16.15 which is on offer at the moment as the normal retail price is £19.00
vichy hydrating serum.

The final product I purchased was the Vichy Aqualia Thermal eye roll-on 15ml. This product I had been debating buying for quite some time as I wanted an eye cream but one that would also be cooling. I was torn between the Avene one and this one and eventually choose this one. Having tried this a few times now am not so sure I made the right choice, I like the cooling effects but don't see how it can fade dark circles so the jury is still out on this one but for the price I can't complain at £12.10 (original price £14.25) and it's suitable for sensitive eyes which is always a plus.

Vichy eye roll on

So that is my purchases from , if you want any more In depth reviews I will be more than happy to do so once I have given these a bit longer test. I hope this has been helpful to some of you who need advice on skincare.
Until next time,

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