Saturday, 31 January 2015

My Pinterest

Hi everyone,
Just thought that I would do a small post about my Pinterest account.

Pinterest is an app that I have had for a while now and never really took notice off it. 

I admit that I joined the bandwagon a bit late bit only recently while sitting on the bus to college have I found my self bored so i decided to click on the app and see what it is all about. Personally I feel like it is similar to another one of my favourite apps we heart it but different at the same time.

This is a screenshot of my profile on Pinterest.

What I like about Pinterest is that it is so easy to use compared to we heart it, with Pinterest you just click pin and choose which bored you want to put it in whereas with weheartit you have to heart it then click where to put it. 
Another thing I like with Pinterest is that there isn't a general scroll of all the pins so that you know where each one is. 

So i am now going to post some photo's of my Pinterest account and I hope that some of you will follow me. 

Some of my bored's

Sorry if this is to photo heavy. If anyone wants a more In depth review on we heartit or want's to know more about my Pinterest feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading ,
Until next time 
Heather's world