Sunday, 11 January 2015

My goals of 2015

2015 Goals 

so today i thought i would tell everyone about my 2015 goals. I am not the type of person who sets new years resolutions as I never stick to them. 

This year has the potential to be a big year in my life with some exciting things to look forward to so I thought that Instead I would set my self 8 goals that i wish to accomplish at some point in 2015.

*pictures come from google images or my weheartit page which i will link down below.

1. Get in to university. 

Liverpool John Moors,
one of my uni choices

This is my biggest goal of 2015, as i sit here typing this blog post I should really be writing out my personal statement as the deadline for applications is the coming Thursday 15 January. 

Going to university has always been something that I wanted to do and I never really understood how much id like to go till this time last year when I was looking at potential university's. 
I realised that i needed to improve my grades to get into university which has followed onto my second year of college studying a btec in business. 

I plan to go to university to study either business and marketing or just marketing, I fell in love with marketing and specifically social media/digital marketing and brand marketing after studying it in school and now in college. 
The photo represents John Mores university which is a local university to me and is one of my 5 choice's. I will keep you updated with how that goes.

2. write more in my planner 

Photo of my actual planner.

Since secondary school I have always had a planner in secondary school we got given them and in then while in college I have bought my own. This photo is a photo of the one I actually own and I need to use it more. 

I go through phases of writing in it loads and then not bothering, but I would like to use it more as it helps me stay organised and focused.

3.  Get fit 

Get Fit
This is one that a lot of people have but for me it's something am determined to do, at the beginning of last year me and my best friend went to the gym most weekends , we stuck with it for a while but then we just never went, as a student I don't have loads of spare cash and their was some months I had more important things to spend my money on. 

So this year I am determined to get back into shape, if its by going jogging regular or if its by going the gym again this is the year I will get in shape and stay fit.

4. Take care of my skin more.
Origins drink up
intensive mask
 This is something I have already took steps towards doing by ordering some new skincare from origins including the overnight mask.

So basically at the end of last year I suffered with really bad eczema on my face and it made me feel really self conscious so at the beginning of the year I have took some steps to get my skincare better such as using a prescribed cream alongside some new and old favourites. Comment below if you would like to see a skincare blog post.

5. Pamper night on Fridays

Pamper time
This is something that I feel would be beneficial to me as this year can get quite stressful and their fore doesn't help my skin so by having a pamper night each Friday, it gives me the chance to de stress , give my skin some love and attention and also helps me feel good about my self.
6. Take Care of my hair more 
Some of my fave hair

Up until near the end of last year my hair has always been one colour which is a strawberry blond ginger colour and just before my 18th birthday last year I felt like a change.

my second cousin who is a hairdresser came to put highlights in my hair and I loved them so I got them done again before Christmas. But since having my hair styled I have begun taking more care of it by buying one of pentane pro v expert range. I choose the keratin one.

since using this my hair has felt much better and by also using styling tools less I have noticed a difference in my hair and plan on sticking with this all throughout 2015.

7. Pass my English GCSE.

English GCSE
This is the one GCSE that has bugged me since year 10. I have sat this exam about 6 times and will sit it for my 7th in June. This is the one exam I need to pass if I want to go to university so I will definitely be revising for English in some way shape or form come this June.

8. visit a new place.

Where to go first?.

And finally my last goal is to visit a new place even if that place is within the UK or outside of it. I have always loved exploring new places and this year is no different, I want to visit somewhere new and experience somewhere new as am young and want to travel.

So these are my goals for 2015, I hope you liked this post. I just want to put a disclaimer out there I don't own these photos I found them on google so no copy write intended by this post. Comment below what your goals are for 2015.