Monday, 31 December 2018

Looking Back On 2018 And Ahead To 2019

The best is yet to come✨

I think that is probably the most appropriate quote when looking to the year ahead and looking back on the year just gone. New year is a fickle time a time where everyone reflects on the 365 days just gone, the memories, opportunities and overall the good times. However life isn't always perfect for some like me this year new years eve is a time to forget the year just gone and have hope and excitement for the year to come. 

If I take you all back to this time last year I was filled with hope and enthusiasm for the year ahead and within two months of that, my hope was shattered. 2018 has by far been the hardest year I have had to face and by far the most testing but if it's taught me any lesson it is that I am stronger than I know and that no matter what life throws at me I can take it. 

Going into the second half of my second year of uni is when it all started to go downhill. I realised just how un clever I am compared to the rest of my friends and year group. I submitted what I thought was my best marketing essay to date only to just barley scrape a pass! Disheartened doesnt quite sum up how horrible I felt. On top of that I had a business essay due one which resulted in many tears and anxiety attacks and when the results came back I wasn't surprised to see a failed mark. I then thought my degree was over I didn't have the option to re-sit a year so re submitting was my only hope and that was a horrendous time for me. 

Then came exams week I had 2 exams in the space of one week and the day before my first one I had a sickness bug which meant no more revision for me. I went from such optimism of using the exams to change my results to barley being able to do last minute revision and the thought of sitting exams while trying not to vomit being my overriding thought. In the end I only wanted a pass mark and that I got. 

Just when things started to look up I was going on holiday with my mum and things were looking better a family emergency threatened all that. 
Less than a few weeks before we was meant to fly my nan broke her hip resulting in one of the hardest and difficult times for my family. To add salt to the wound the week before we was meant to go my mum got admitted to hospital and was severely ill. 

At this point in the year I just knew 2018 wasn't the year for me, fortunately we were able to go on the holidays and had an amazing time in tenerife and paris and made amazing memories. 

They came and gone and I was back in work and at this point I was so fed up with work I just wanted to be done with it. I work in retail and have done this job for the last three and a half years and I was fed up, I didn't enjoy it and it was draining me although I was thankful to have a job I just wanted out and a new challenge. 

Then came august and the life changing news that would change my year and world forever. My granddad who is like my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer in all of his body. I honestly feel like those first few weeks were the darkest and hardest for me and I felt so numb. Like he is the healthiest person ever and it was so heard. 

September came and went and before I knew it third year had started with lots of stress. Then came the dreaded flu again and it happened to hit on my birthday so that ruined my birthday. I was then meant to go to Edinburgh but we had to cancel due to my granddad having chemo. Less than a week later he was rushed into hospital so that wasn't great. 

November came and went along with that came my assignment for marketing and a lot more stress. My granddad also had his second chemo and another visit to the hospital which lasted till mid December. It was this time that we thought we could lose him and it was touch and go for a while which was hard. 

December was hard having him ill in the hospital and not knowing if we was going to loose him while juggling university and my second assignment due as well. The middle of december saw us take a visit to London and winter wonderland and a lovely escape from everything that was going on at home but it ended far to soon. 

Christmas was special spending it with my granddad knowing it was more than likely our last one. We made lots of memories and took lots of photos to last a lifetime. 

Now here we are on new years eve and looking back on a hard year ahead. It had it's bright spots but overall a bad year for me. 

Looking ahead to 2019 it leaves a lot of uncertainty as I graduate university in July hopefully and don't know what job I will be in or where I will be. It's a super exciting time but also sad as we know we will more than likely loose my granddad. However I am being positive and looking with hope to the future. I want to improve my blog to. I always say my best years are odd years so heres to the start of a blank page of a new book with the chance to make 365 more memories! 

I hope you all have an amazing new year and a fabulous 2019!!!!✨✨✨✨

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Looking Ahead Third Year University Chat

Hey Everyone, 

Today's post is going to be looking ahead and a chat about my third year of university which I start in tomorrow. I just wanted to have a chat with you all about how I am feeling regarding going into third year, if I have any worries about third year and what I am expecting third year to be like and my expectations.
I thought it would be fun to share with you all incase any of you are going through the same thing. 

I can't quite believe that I am going into third year, it feels like yesterday that I was starting first year so to be in my last year it is crazy. There are a few things I am worried about so I thought I would start with them.


I am worried about the workload, third year means juggling assignments with dissertation work along side. Times the assignments by two as I do a combined degree and that is a lot of work to juggle alongside a part time job.

This is not including my potential assessed lessons that I may have once a week. I am worried that their will be to much work for me to handle and I will get snowed under with all the work. This could then have an impact on the quality of the work I produce. My plan to combat this is to stay super organised. This leads on to my next point Timekeeping


I am worried about time keeping, like I said in the previous post the workload is likely to be huge and therefore trying to fit the time into my busy schedule to do the work is worrying me. I plan to combat this worry by having a schedule on when I will do coursework in order to give my self the weekends of to have a social life and rest when am not in work.

My plan is to spend my three hour break on a tuesday in the library doing work whether that be dissertation or assignments.

Then when I get home at 12 on wednesday spend the four hours I have before work doing work and then doing 9-4 on thursday before work, again doing work this gives me a total of 15 hours allotted time to do any work required for that week and then gives me the weekends to my self.

I however do know that as deadlines near I may need to spend the odd weekend doing work but my plan is to have a least two weekends of to socialise and blog.

Moving on to expectations now and there are a few expectations that I have of third year.

Level of work to be harder

By this I expect the work that we will be doing to be of harder difficulty than previous years. Having had a looked at my Moodle I can confirm this to be true as the topics we seem to be studying are harder than the one we have done previously.


This is almost 99% guaranteed to happen. I am expecting third year to be stressful if not just for the work but because of trying to juggle third year with a part time job, social life and blogging consistently while looking for a graduate job. I am preparing myself for their to be tears of stress and to be stressed a lot of the time.

They are my main two expectations that I have for third year, overall I expect it to be hard, stressful, difficult and for me to be worried about my timekeeping and workload. However as much as I am having negative thoughts about it with regards to the points mentioned above, I am really excited about it. I am looking forward to it. My marketing class is really small and we are all really close and I am looking to spend one last year with them and making memories.

So there you have it, how I am feeling regarding third year! Are you in third year? If you have graduated how did you find third year? Or if you have any other comments I would love to know in the comment section below!

Thanks For Reading,
Until Next Time,
Heathers World


Sunday, 16 September 2018

Paris Photo Diary - July 2018

Hey everyone,

If you can't guess from the title todays post is going to be a Paris photo diary. This is something a little unusual from my normal kind of post but I wanted to do a post with all my favourite photos from paris that I couldn't fit into my trip report, without it being far to long for you all to read. 

So what this will be is a diary of my trip to paris but featuring mostly photos and only one or two words. Just a pre warning this post is super long but I just couldn't pick. 

Day 1 

This was traveling day so not much to share with you all!

Day 2 

Day two included trips to the eiffel tower, arc de triumph, champs elysee!

Day 3 

Day three included a walk to the louvre alongside the river siense, arc de triumph again and champs elysee shopping again!

So there you have it my photo diary from Paris, I hope you enjoyed this different kind of post and enjoyed seeing my photos from paris. Have you ever been to Paris? Where's your favourite place in Paris? Let me know in the comments below! 

Thanks For Reading, 
Until Next Time, 
Heathers World, 


Sunday, 9 September 2018

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette Review

Hey Everyone, 

This post is long long overdue and it is a review of the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette Review. Charlotte released her instant eye palette late last year and since then it has become my holy grail eye palette.

Charlotte created this palette with the idea being that it could take you from day to disco and everything in between. She has stated on her website that it's a  "revolutionary control-pressed palette that will change the way you apply your eye makeup for perfect application every time"

She has also gone on to say "imagine a palette that was the little black dress of the makeup universe"
And after trying out this palette I can say for certain that both of these statements are true.

Charlotte has created an eye palette that features four different looks: Day Eye, Desk Eye, Date Eye and Disco Eye. Each look contains a shade that is designed to prime, enhance and smoke, thus an easy way to create a smokey eye.

Let's break down the palette into the individual eye looks!

Day Eye

This look was created as a natural look with a cream matt shade to prime the eyes, then a shimmer neutral brown to enhance the eye and to finish a taupe matt to smoke. I have found this to be the perfect eye look to pair with almost every day makeup and outfit. It looks so effortless yet beautiful and great as an everyday basic The pigmentation of the shades are great and blend beautifully.

Desk Eye 

This eye has a bit more colour and pigmentation. It has a beautiful pink champaign shimmer as the prime shade. Then a gorgeous caramel peachy shade to enhance the eyes and to finish this look a chocolate peach shade to smoke up the eye. These shades are gorgeous and look lovely with a professional work outfit or any work outfit if am being honest. What I also like with this look is that you could actually wear it as a night time look if you just apply more of the smoke shade in the outer v. In terms of blend ability these shadows blend beautifully.

Date Eye

My personal favourite Look as the shades are beautiful, pigmented and blendable. You get a stunning rose gold shimmer shade as the prime shade, then a gorgeous darker shimmer pearl shade as charlotte described it as the enhance shade to enhance the look. Finally to pull this look together you get a matt dark coca shade to smoke out the look. This look to me screams flirty and elegant.

Disco Look

The night time look so to say and what a beautiful night time look it is. To start we have a shimmer gold shade to prime the lids as a base. Then to enhance the look we have a gold khaki shade which helps give the look a duo chrome feel with the green and gold. To finish the look and add some smokiness we have a matt black shade to pull the smokey eye together. These shades are very pigmented and blendable like the rest of the palette.

Overall this palette is stunning and Charlotte has really nailed it with the formulation of the shadows as they are all equally pigmented and blend well with each other. Although this palette is broken down into looks I have used shades from different looks and put them together. I would say all the looks apart from disco can be used at any time not just when they are stated for, the reason I don't think disco can be used for anything other than night time is due to the glittery shimmer and colour of the shades.

I hands down would recommend this palette to everyone, it is so easy to use and to create a smokey eye. This has so quickly become my go to palette and I am even considering buying a backup as I can't be without this palette now. Charlotte always makes exceptional products and this is by far one of her standouts. You all just need to go get your hands on it ASAP.

Have you tried this palette? Have you tried any of Charlotte's Products?
Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks For Reading,
Until Next Time,
Heathers World. 

Monday, 3 September 2018

Second Year University Advice

Hey everyone, 

Today's post is going to be all about my advice to second year university students. Second year is completely different to first year and I thought I would share my tips and advice that I have picked up along the way. I am now going into my third year and I will be continuously using these tips in order to help me finish my degree. I did do a post on my tips for first years last year so if you would like to read that one you can do here 

Do The Further Reading 

This was something I didn't do all that much in first year but once it came to second year I did it a lot more. Now am not saying you need to read a million extra books or readings but when doing assignments don't just use the slides/recommend reading read an extra book or pdf as it can really take your work to the next level. It may seem self explanatory but by doing that bit extra that you haven't been told to do can really help boost your grade especially when it counts in second year unlike first. 

Focus A Bit Extra On Referencing And Grammar 

This may seem a bit stupid to say but if your university is anything like mine and you get marks for grammar and your referencing, then focus more on it. In second year I spent a lot more time making sure my references were correct and that my grammar was on point. After every assigment or tutorial summary that I finished I would spend at least half an hour going over my work and making sure it was all correct and done properly. Not only that but I would get a friend or family member to check over it as well as those extra marks you can get could be the difference between a 2:1 or a 2:2.

Start Coursework Early 

I said this in my first year post and it's quite comical as I never actually did this myself this year. However I would recommend starting your coursework early. I normally get at least 4-6 weeks to do my coursework and I almost always leave it to the last minute however by starting it early it helps reduce the panic and stress you will feel when you only have a few days to do it. I plan on starting my coursework as soon as I get it this year so that my works not rushed and I am 100% happy with what I have submitted and that it meets the marketing criteria. One thing I have learned is that lectures can tell when you have rushed your work so don't think you will get away will last minute cramming. 

So there you go second years that's my advice to you all. Second year can seem quite daunting as it's the year when things start to count and the work gets a lot harder, but honestly it's not as scary as you think. Use these tips but most importantly have fun, I know a lot of my friends ended up struggling with balancing having fun and working hard but once you get the right balance your onto a winner. Before you know it second year will be over and you will be starting your final year so enjoy every second. 

I hope you find this useful, if you have any questions regarding this post then either message me on my twitter or dm on my Instagram and I will be happy to answer those. If you want to see how my second year went then you can check out my review over here . I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will see you again next time. 

Thanks For Reading, 
Until Next Time, 
Heathers World 


Monday, 20 August 2018

My Beauty Buying Process in 2018

Hey Everyone, 

Todays post is going to be about my beauty buying process for 2018. I have decided that since I went on a mad beauty spending spree in 2017 that I would try and cut down my spending this year. To do this I have created a beauty buying process which I will explain to you. 

To start with I went through my makeup collection to see what I had and if their was anything I could get rid off or give away. Once this was done I assed my collection to see what I had and what I was lacking, once this was done I made a list of items I need and Items I had to many of. 

This has helped me create a buying process for beauty items this year. This process is a four step one and hopefully it means I will be buying less beauty products this year. 

Step One: Do I really need this product? 

When ever I want to buy a new product I will sit and think do I need this product. As well as this I will look at my lists and see if it is on my list of need products or ones I have two many off. 

Step Two: If I do need it see if I have any similar Items? 

If I have decided I do need the product then I will check and see if I have any similar products that I could use instead as a substitute for a while. If I do I will then put of the purchase for a month or so but if not I will move onto step three. 

Step Three: Read at least five reviews on the product

If I have come to the conclusion that I need the product I will then go onto reading reviews of said product to see if it's worth the money. I am aiming to try and read at least five reviews before I decide to purchase a product, if i can I will try and read more. 

Step Four: Make final decision on if I need the product

I will normally wait a week and have a final think on if I really want or need the product. This is due to me being really indecisive and I can change my mind like the flick of a switch. I can one minute need or want a product and then change my mind a week later so I like to give myself the time to make sure it's what I really want.

So their you all have it my four step buying process. I am hoping this will stop me making impulse purchases and buying less makeup. Their may be the odd time I make an impulse purchase around my birthday, christmas, results day or if I really really want the product, but I am hoping that will be once in a blue moon. How are you going about your beauty buying for 2018? I would love to know in the comments below! 

Thank you so much for reading,
Until next time, 
Heathers World

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Summer Shoe Styling - My Go To Summer Shoes

Hey Everyone, 

Welcome to today's post and if you haven't gathered from the title it's all about summer shoes. Yeah you heard right I am going to be talking all about my favourite summer shoes that I like to wear in the summer. 

I don't drastically change my shoes in the summer I just tend to switch to my lighter coloured shoes with some flip flops in their as well. So that's enough rambling and long introduction, so let's get into the post and find out my top three summer shoes. 

Valentino Rock Stud Flip Flops

This was my big purchase for the summer with regards to shoes, I have wanted a pair of Valentino flip flops for so long, So I took the plunge and treated myself to a pair. I went for the classic black as it went with most of my outfits on my holiday and I thought would be the easiest to style. 

First off lets address the comfort levels of the shoes. I honestly was dreading putting these on as I had heard that they were quite uncomfortable but I couldn't be more wrong. These are hands down some of the comfiest flip flops I have ever worn, they are so so comfy. 

Next let's address the versatility of this pair of shoes. They are super versatile, on holiday I wore them dressed down with shorts and a t shirt but also dressed up for the night time with a playsuit when I didn't want to wear heals. 
I have also worn these with jeans and a nice top since being back home as the rock studs just give them that edge. I honestly haven't found one outfit that I couldn't wear these with yet so that just shows how versatile they are. 
I also like that considering how much I have worm them they don't look that worn down at all. 

Best purchase I have made this year and they are a classic shoe that I can wear for years and years to come. I am already eyeing up my second pair and a pair of the sliders for my holidays next year. 

Havaianas Flip Flops

These are my go to summer shoe for if I am just popping to the shop or going down to my nan's. They are also my go to shoe for holiday, for me these are my go to beach or day shoe when on my summer holiday. 

Super comfy, super cute and super long lasting as this is my second year wearing these and their still going strong. There is a slight wear and tear on them but that is due to me waring them round the house a lot as well. 

Looking forward to picking up another pair for next year as well!

Ted Baker Trainers

The final pair of shoes as you can guess are my Ted Baker Trainers and they are my summer trainers. These beautiful trainers are super comfy once you break them in, until then it's ouch ouch ouch time. I love these trainers for summer due to how light they are, I also think the ribbon laces look really cute in the summer and can add to my summer outfits. 

There's not much else to say about these trainers other than how gorgeous they are how long lasting they are. I have had mine since last October so they do look a bit scuffed as I have been wearing them all summer so haven't had a chance to properly clean them, but I have cleaned them in the past and they are easy to do so!

Overall I think every woman should have a pair of Ted Baker trainers in their life as their styles are beautiful. I have even managed to convince my mum to get a pair and she adores her's as well. 

That's my top three summer shoes for summer shoe styling your outfits. If you want to see them in action head on over to my Instagram where their are you can find me wearing the shoes. I would love to know what your favourite summer shoes are in the comment's below? I hope your all having the best summer and I will see you all again on Wednesday for another post from My Tenerife Trip.

Thanks For Reading, 
Until Next Time, 
Heathers World, 


Monday, 2 July 2018

Second Year University Review

Hey Everyone,

Todays post is going to be a review of my second year of University. In this post I will talk about each term and how I found it and overall my thoughts on second year. I actually did the same post last year talking about my first year so if you want to have a nosey at that you can find it here 

So for anyone who is new to my blog I study a BA Hons Business Management and Marketing Degree and I have just completed my second year. I found out on the 27th of June that I passed my second year but not with the grades that I hoped for. So anyway now that we have that long introduction out of the way lets get into the post.

First Term

First term was a bit hit and miss for me if I do say so myself.  Second year for us meant that we had to participate in something called young enterprise for our Business Management course. I might do a full post dedicated to young enterprise as although I didn't like it I ended up taking a lot from the program which will help me in the future.

This is where the problems began for me in second year we  was put in a group with people we generally didn't speak to much and with regards to my group although we had an amazing idea cohesively we wasn't together as a group. It also didn't help that I missed a full week due to being in New York.

In terms of the rest of business we had to do a joint presentation for our assessed tutorials which went okay and the summary's weren't to bad either. We was also working towards our first essay that had to be submitted which I found relatively okay.

Moving onto Marketing, this term I found marketing relatively okay the first term was spent working towards our first essay that would have to be summated before we finished term. Ultimately I could of done better in that essay but this is what I am working towards doing so for my final year.
Aside from that nothing much of note to add about marketing, what you will see throughout this blog post is that Business caused me a lot of problems and marketing went with ease for 99% of the year.

Overall First term was a bit hit and miss I loved marketing as we was focusing a lot on social media and digital marketing which is the field I want to go into. On the other hand business was a nightmare, I didn't enjoy young enterprise in the slightest, the essay we had to work on wasn't the most interesting and to be honest I was looking forward to it being over and done with.

Second Term

Oh where oh where do I start with this term. Hands down the worst few months I have had in my whole two years in university. So let's start with Business Management and prepare yourselves this will be a long long rant.  So it started of with us having to submit our presentation that we was doing on our young enterprise experience that we would have to present in our tutorials and do summaries on the others presentations.

Then it came to submitting our project ops report which I was happy with and just missed a 2:1 by four marks. Then came young enterprise, originally we only had to present our business if we wanted to be considered for regionals but seeing as only 1 of the 10 groups wanted to they then made it compulsory because they needed two winners from our uni. In the end my group presented and won but I ended up dropping out of the group as the date could of potentially clashed with my mums procedure which was more important.

Our whole group then ended up dropping out which the uni wasn't totally happy with as we did have a good idea. I also think it didn't help that their was a lot of conflict between a group member and the rest of our group.

Fast Forward a few weeks my tutorial presentation was meh at best and I felt like second year had gone to shit pardon my language. I honestly was so done but oh no we had the wonderful management science essay waiting for us. We had been told aside from our dissertation this was the hardest essay we would do and that almost half of second year failed first time last year. Safe to say I struggled a lot with this essay which wasn't helped that our auntie from Australia was staying with us which meant I couldn't focus.

Safe to say I failed this essay with only a 32 but so had half of the year once again (I really think they need to either evaluate the essay or the teaching of this topic as a combination of both was the reason we all failed. Plus two years in a row half the year failed first time - something's obviously going wrong). I ended up having to re submit the essay but with the marks capped at 42 which is a pass. I didn't find out till results day that I actually passed my coursework thank god. I would go into detail but basically the essay was split into two small essays for two different tutors and an excel document.

So yeah that was business finished for second year, the last week or two focused on exam topics so that was the only good part of business this year as I felt like a weight had been lifted.

Now onto Marketing this term was focused on getting our consultancy report done which was worth half of our grade for that year. I put loads and loads of time and effort into my research and execution of my report but ultimately came out with 54 which I was hugely disappointed with. If am being honest am not the best academic writer am more of a creative writer which obviously is where I lost the marks amongst other things. So yeah upset with that mark but it has made me more determined to do even better next year.

Again aside from most of the term being focused on that we did a little bit of work on exam topics which was helpful.

Third Term 

For Business Management the third term was focused on revising exam topics that we could face in the exams and theirs not much else to say really. The lessons went well and yeah everything was a bit meh to be honest. Marketing wasn't much different just focused on revision as well and it went pretty okay if I do say so myself.
We was only in for like four weeks this term and it was all revision based so their's not much to tell you of note.

However moving onto exam week I had two exams on on a wednesday and the other at the same time on friday. Now I can't remember if I put it on social media but the day before my marketing exam I ended up being really ill and constantly throwing up. It honestly was the worst thing and it meant that I couldn't really do any last minute revision and had to rely on the knowledge I already had.

This impacted my exam tremendously, I am honestly just grateful that I managed to sit the exam without throwing up or coughing my guts up and honestly I would of been pleased to just get 42 so was overjoyed with 48 considering the circumstances. I know hand on heart if I wasn't ill I could of done so much better but I fell like crap the day before and in the exam so I was glad to have gotten through it.

This then impacted my business exam as I was ill the wednesday night and thursday so again couldn't do a lot of revision but I came out with a 54 so so happy with that. Again not an exam I was confident in but still passing it was great.

Overall I ended up with 54 and a C on both and this meant I downgraded my business grade but upgraded my marketing one. Second year was worth 30% and considering how bad of a year it was I was glad to have just passed- we had so many re sitters in our year we all thought we wouldn't pass.

Time to look ahead to final year. This year is worth 60% so it isn't impossible for me to still get a first it will just take a lot of hard work and dedication, some of which I am doing now by doing dissertation reading.

I hoped you enjoyed the post, sorry for how long it is. If I have learnt anything from second year it would be that even at my weakest and lowest I can still achieve if I put my mind to it and that I am a lot more mentally tougher than I thought.

Thanks For Reading,
Until Next Time,
Heathers World

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Mac Hyper Real Glow Palette - Flash&Awe Review

Hey Everyone, 

Today's post is going to be a review of the Mac Hyper Real Glow Palette in the shade Flash & Awe. Since I knew that this product was getting released I wanted to pick it up and I am so glad I did. Mac have released two Hyper Real Glow palettes into their permanent collection I believe, this one and another one called Get It Glowin. 
Today I am going to share my thoughts on the Flash& Awe palette which is the pink toned palette. 

So like I said I picked up the Flash&Awe palette which is the more pinker/rose gold toned palette as I have found this kind of highlight shade to suit my pale complexion more. The palette comes with three different highlighters; One very light shade, One medium shade and then finally a darker highlight shade. The shades within the palette are Flash&Awe which is the lightest shade, then Rosy Glow which is the medium shade and finally Light Of The Party Which is the darkest shade in the palette. 

From first swatch you can tell the palettes are going to be great. The pigmentation is amazing even on the lightest shade the pigmentation is outstanding. The formula of the highlighters are among some of the best I have tried, they are buttery soft and blend beautifully. 

What I really like is that they have included three different shades varying from light to dark which means that they cater to all complexions. For me being porcelain pale I can get away with all three, the lighter two shades look quite natural and the darker shade provides a bit more of an intense highlight. I am glad that they included three different shades as I feel like their is a shade to suit every skin tone within this palette. 
In terms of wear time they last a long time, as long as my other two Mac highlighters last which is 
around 6-8 hours which I think is pretty reasonable.

What I love most about this palette is how versatile it is. You can go full on highlight if you wet your brush first or you can go subtle glow by using a light hand. You can also mix the shades to get a unique highlight, there's just so much you can do with this palette. 

As for price it costs £35 and you get 13.5 grams of product in comparison to my Mac Soft & Gentle which is £25.50 and you get 10 grams of product, so for an extra £9.50 you get 3.5 more grams of product which is fairly reasonable. 

Overall I would 100% recommend this palette to anyone if your looking for a pink toned highlighter, if pink/rosy toned highlighters aren't for you then you might prefer get it glowin which is the gold toned palette. 

Let me know in the comments if you have tried this palette/ want to try this palette or if you think you have found a better highlighter let me know so I can check it out. 

Thanks For Reading, 
Until Next Time, 
Heathers World 

Sunday, 17 June 2018

My Future Career

Hey everyone,

Todays post is slightly different to what I normally post about and it is going to be all about my future career. In case you didn't know I have come to the end of my second year of university (fingers crossed I pass my exams so I have completely finished and don't have to do re sits or resubmissions) with that comes dissertation decisions and also looking into what I want to do once I leave university in a years time.

I am currently studying a combined honours degree in Business Management and Marketing as it gives me a wide range of job opportunities once I leave University. My business management course covers most areas of the business spectrum including marketing, but I choose to combine my degree with marketing in order to gain more knowledge in marketing as that is the area I want to specialise in. 

I am quite lucky in the sense that I kinda know what area I want to go into after university unlike a lot of my course mates and friends.

So what area do I want to branch into? I want to branch into digital marketing and or PR. I adore marketing, I love learning about it and seeing all the different types of marketing. I also love being able to study people's characteristics in order to find a form of marketing that would appeal to that target market.

Within that select area there are so many jobs you can branch into such as digital marketing assistant, marketing manager, beauty, travel, fashion PR. The choices for me are endless. Ideally when I graduate university I would love to get a graduate job in either beauty/travel pr or as a digital marketing assistant. I would also like to continue on with my blog and even make it into a part time job if that was possible as I am so passionate about blogging and it fits in so well with my future jobs.

The goal in the wider future would be to be either a digital marketing manager/executive, PR manager, Freelance or being a full time blogger ( although I am not sure if this would suite me).
I am quite lucky in the sense that my blog is a great portfolio for me to show any potential future employees as it showcases digital marketing and beauty/travel pr in some ways. I also plan to do my dissertation about how digital marketing and the effects it has on businesses.

Fingers crossed that in a few years time I could be working in my dream job. I hoped you enjoyed this personal post. Do you have a plan for the future? Do you know what your future Career is going to be? Let me know your thoughts in the comment's down below!

Thanks For Reading,