Monday, 2 October 2017

What's In My Makeup Bag - New York Edition

Hey Everyone, 

I am back with another Post and todays post is a whats in my makeup bag New York edition. I have tried to pack light for makeup as I know I will be buying makeup when I am their but for some reason it still seems like I still have a lot. I may have to cut this down as we get nearer to the time. 


I have only packed one of each item apart from foundation as I have both a night time and a daytime

Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer - A great moisturising primer. 

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation - I love this foundation on me even though it oxidises slightly it's still a great foundation for the evenings which is what I will primarily use it for. 

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser - I am not planning on wearing a lot of makeup daytime if any, but if I do this will be my base of choice. 

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer - A great concealer which I can wear on it's own or with my foundations to give more coverage. 

Laura Mercier translucent powder - Only thing I use to set my makeup with, a dream product. 

Charlotte Tilbury Blusher in Love Glow - A great blusher that can be worn day and night. 

Mac Soft & Gental Highlighter - I can use daytime to give me a subtle glow or pack it on in the night to give an intense glow. 

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray - Sets it all in place and helps it last all night long. 


I haven't took a lot for eyes as I know my mum has got me the Charlotte Tilbury ultimate eye palette, which I will be getting while in new york as a birthday present.

Mac Fling Eyebrow Pencil - My eyebrow pencil of choice

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara - Current favourite mascara gives beautiful lashes.

Charlotte Tilbury Uptown Girl Eyeshadow Palette - Gorgeous palette but I am only taking it as a backup until I get my one of my mum.

Mac Naked Lunch eyeshadow - For the days when I just want something easy to put on my eyes.

Marc Jacobs Eyeliner - Don't normally wear eyeliner so I thought I would try this one out. 

So I should probably cut this down considering my mum has got me some lip products as birthday
presents which she is taking with her.

Mac Soar Lip Pencil - My current favourite lip pencil

Mac Viva Glam Nicki 2- My current favourite lipstick a bit of a darker nude.

Chanel Coco Gloss - Gorgeous luxury gloss cant get enough of it.

Mac Prancin Dancin Dazzleglass - Gorgeous sparkly gloss to give my lips that bit of sparkle.

 Chanel Rouge Coco shine lipstick in Boy - I just can't seem to not take this. Gorgeous shade and finish perfect for day and night.

Tom Ford lipstick in      -  This is my more nude pinky lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury pillow Talk lip liner - Go to nude lip liner, best one out there.

So that's what I am taking in my makeup bag. Considering I said I wasn't taking a lot it actually seems like I have packed quite a bit. Knowing me I won't end up wearing half of what I take anyway. I hoped you enjoyed this post please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

What's in your travel Makeup bag?

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Sunday, 17 September 2017

GlamGlow SuperMud Mask Review

Hey everyone,

I am back with a long overdue post on the GlamGlow Supermud mask. A while ago GlamGlow contacted me asking if I would like to try a mini of this mask and I of course accepted. GlamGlow is a brand I am so excited to try and pick up some things from in Sephora when I go to New York.

GlamGlow's SuperMud Mask is described as 'their most advanced clearing treatment. The mask was developed by the company to help fight the most common skin concerns that both men and women have. It can be used by both men and women and is for super clear and super poreless looking skin'.

Before trying the mask I read some reviews online just to get some information on the product, a lot of them said it wasn't suitable for sensitive skin which worried me slightly. Glamglow also state on their website that it's not suitable for sensitive skin but I still wanted to give it ago.

So my first impressions of it was that it looked a lot like my trusted Origins clear improvement mask, so I was intrigued to see if it worked the same way. 

I applied a thin layer of this all over my face, now you can use a thicker layer but as I only had a sample I wanted to make it last two uses. Once applied I started to feel the tingling right away. Now this wasn't uncomfortable it just felt like the mask was doing it's job.

I did feel some stinging and burning when it was on but I put this down to me having sensitive skin, as the mask does say it's not suitable for sensitive skin. However if you don't have sensitive skin you should be fine. I was able to cope with the burning as it wasn't painful just more uncomfortable but like I said if you have sensitive skin use at your own risk. 

Personally I left this mask on for around twenty minutes from which it turned from a charcoal colour to a light greyish with dark blobs dotted around your face. I assume that this is the mask lifting the dirt and grime from our face. 

Having removed this mask I found my skin to be a lot lot smoother, my spots didn't look half as bad and overall my skin looked like it had a facial at the spa. 
I loved this mask and it defiantly lived up to the claims it made as my skin was super clear and super poreless after using it. 

Would I purchase the full size? Yes although I would probably only use this once a month as a spa treatment due to it not being suitable for sensitive skin. I am however hooked onto GlamGlow's masks and looking forward to picking some up when I go to Sephora Next month!! If you want to check out this mask then you can find it here 
I hoped you enjoyed this post let me know in the comments below.

Have you tried GlamGlow SuperMud Mask? If so how did you get on with it, Also what other masks from them would you recommend me trying. 

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Heathers World 

*Post contains PR samples, Anything marked with an * were sent/gifted to me to review. I will only accept and post reviews of products that I think you would be interested in and that I would recommend myself if I was to go out and purchase them. All of the opinions/comments stated in the post are 100% mine. 


Sunday, 10 September 2017

My Top Five Highlights Of Summer 2017

Hey Everyone, 

Todays post is a bit different to what I normally post as it's a bit more personal than the others. So the post I have for you all today is my top five highlights of my summer 2017! Summer 2017 brought me many highlights but these are my top five favourite. 

Tenerife - June 2017

Tenerife was the perfect way to start of my summer holiday and it gave me so many highlights. It was only the second holiday I have ever been on where it has been just me and mum. My mum is my perfect travel companion we have similar taste and this holiday was one to remember. We made so many memories together and I can't wait to go back there again with her very soon. I also posted a trip report so if you want to see what I got up to then check it out here 

Passing My First Year of university 

This is such a highlight purely down to the fact that I didn't think I could do it. If you had asked me a year ago do you think you will pass first year I would of said no, but I continue to surprise myself every day. The results I got weren't the best they could of been but hey First year is worth 10% and this has given me the kick up the bum to do better next year. But defiantly passing First Year of University was huge highlight for me.

Spending quality time with family and Friends,

This summer I have been able to spend so much more quality time with my friends and family and that is why it is a highlight for me. My friends and family are the greatest support network ever so spending time with them and making memories to last a lifetime has been a highlight for sure. Also when uni starts up I will see them less as I juggle uni with a part time job, so making time to make those memories with them is something that will always be a highlight.

Mum's Birthday 

Mum recently celebrated a huge birthday and that was a huge highlight of Summer 2017.
We ended up going out for food and drinks with my god mother who is her best friend and it was lovely. They started of with cocktails and I started of with a vodka and coke in a place called The Alchemist. We then moved on to a restaurant called the Manhattan Bar and Grill in which I had a lady's steak and chips which were Devine. We then moved onto two other bars and had lots more drinks. Overall my mum had an amazing day and got totally spoiled.


This may seem a funny one to put but working in my job has been a highlight for me. The more hours I put in the more I get back so therefore more money for New York. Working was also a highlight for me as I adore my work friends and spending time with them is always fun while getting paid for it, so more money for my New York trip.  

I hoped you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments below your highlights of summer 2017. Thank you for reading and I will be back again soon with another post. 

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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Current Holy Grail Skincare Routine


Hey everyone, 

This little post will be my current holy grail skincare routine. These products at the moment are my holy grail for my skin and are helping them get back to where they need to be. 

Morning Four Step Routine

Of a morning I just follow the four steps of Cleanse, Tone , Eye Cream and Moisurise but of a night or a Sunday there can be added steps which will be talked about a bit further into this post. 

Bioderma Micellar Water - Been using this as my cleanser first thing and it does it's job. Been a fan of this product for years now and it never fails to disappoint me. I am on the lookout for a proper cleanser for sensitive dry skin so please leave your recommendations below. 

Avene Eau Thermal Gental Toner  - Love Love Love this toner, perfect for my super sensitive skin. Helps prep my skin for moisturiser and is the perfect in-between from cleanser to moisturiser. 

Kheils Creamy Avacado Eye Treatment- I apply this after toner just before my moisturiser to my eye area to give it a nice hydrating base. It lasts ages and helps not only give my eye area some much needed moisure but also to prep it for any makeup. Haven't found a better eye cream yet. 

Clarins Hydraessential Moisturiser - I think I have found the perfect hydrating moisturiser for my skin. This is super hydrating, lasts for ages on my skin and provides just the amount of moisture my skin needs while protecting it with the added spf. I have done a full review of this product so if you want to know my more in depth thoughts then you can check it out here.

Evening Routine 

So of a night I typically follow the same routine that I do of a morning, This routine happens on a Monday to Saturday and then of a Sunday I follow a different routine which I will explain below.

So of a Sunday I start with an exfoliating mask and my mask of choice is the Origins one.

 Origins Clear improvement mask - I put this on normally just before I get in the bath, and then by the time I get out it is time to wash it off. This mask is great for getting all of the dirt out of my skin and helping with any spots I may have. It does leave my skin looking red and slightly sensitive but that is due to me having overly sensitive skin.

Once the mask has come of I will leave my skin for around five minutes to let it calm down, and then I go in with my cleanser which I mentioned above is Bioderma's cleansing water, or if I don't have that in then I use the garnier one.

Once my cleanser has set in I go in with the same toner that I use in the morning as I find this works just as good at night as it does daytime.

When cleansing and toning is complete I will then go and apply my eye cream and let that sink in which takes around five minutes. Now on a Sunday instead of applying a moisturiser I will apply a hydrating mask and my one of choice is from Origins.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask - I use this mask as it is one I can apply then leave on overnight and wake up with hydrated skin. This mask is thick and can feel quite sticky when first applied but it soon sinks in and is unnoticeable as you sleep.

So that is both my morning and evening routine for both the week and Sunday which is what I call my pamper day. I hope you enjoyed this post let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Have a lovely Sunday and I will be back again with a new post next week.

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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Things I want to do in New York City

Hey everyone, 

Todays post is going to be the things I want to do while in New York City. Now I go to New York in around about eight weeks, so I thought this would be appropriate to post.  I was going to call this my new york plans but we haven't managed to nail down set plans as the people were going with aren't sure what they want to do yet. So because of that I thought I would tell you what are the things I want to tick of on my trip to New York City in October. 

Observation Decks 

I really would like to visit all three of New Yorks popular observation decks which are Top Of The Rock, One World Observatory and The Empire State. I would like to go to all three as each of them give you a completely different view of the city and for me it is a must have to do. I am looking at potentially buying a sun and stars ticket for top of the rock as everyone I know who has been has recommended us to do so. This ticket allows you to visit the deck in the morning and evening so you get two different views. 

9/11 Memorial And Museum  

Another thing on my must have to do list. I was nearly five when the 9/11 attacks happened but after learning about them in school I would like to visit and pay my respects to all the people who died. I also want to visit the museum as it would give me a lot more knowledge on the attack and also would be great to see and take in the personal accounts of that dreadful day.

Statue Of Liberty 

Again another must have, I can't visit new york for the first time and not visit lady liberty. I don't plan on climbing to the top as am just not that fit to do so, I would like to visit liberty island and ellis island. 

Visit Times Square

This is one I know we will be doing for a fact as our hotel is just up the road from here. People say you just can't sum up how it feels for the first time to visit time square, the atmosphere and buzz, I cant wait to have that feeling. There are a few mini things I would like to do here such as sit on those famous stairs, visit the shops and get some good photo ops. 

Shopping At Fifth Ave/ Famous Department Stores

I would love to be able to go shopping down fifth avenue and visit some of the famous shops such as Chanel, Tiffany's, Apple store and all the others. I would also like to visit some of the famous department stores such as Saks, Bloomingdales, Henri Bendel and Berdof Goodman. 

Central Park 

I don't think I have ever seen pictures of a prettier park. I can't wait to stroll around central park. I can't wait to take in the city, enjoy the fresh air and get some great photo opportunities. Were hoping to do a carriage ride round central park as well which would be lovely. 

Take In The City That Never Sleeps. 

This isn't a thing as in a tourist attraction but in my six days I would love to take in and really appreciate the city that never sleeps. I have wanted to visit new york since I was 11 years old which is nearly 10 years ago now, I would love to immerse  myself in the cites culture, understand why they call it the city that never sleeps and hopefully fall in love with the big apple. 

I hoped you enjoyed this post I have done two other posts on my trip so far one talking about our package which you can find here , and one announcing the trip which you can find here
I hoped you enjoyed this post and you can expect some more New York related content coming up on the blog in the build up to the trip. 

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Monday, 21 August 2017

Advice For First Year University Students

Hey everyone, 

First of congratulations to all of you who got into university. So seeing as last week was A level results day and the majority of the UK students will have found out if they got there place in university, I thought this post would be appropriate to upload. Also seeing as I have completed my first year of university which you can read my experience here, I thought it would be a great time to do my advice post for the incoming freshers. These are things I wish I had done or had done and recommend doing so as a first year student. The majority of these will be applicable to every year but as a first year it's important to start doing these in order for it to become routine by third year which is when it really counts.

Get Involved

Get involved in university life especially if your not living on campus. I highly recommend joining a team, club or society or find some other way to get involved. If your not living on campus like me then you won't have the head start of being involved in university life like they do so make an effort to get involved. I couldn't get involved due to me working part time 5-9 when a lot of the meetings happened but if I could of I would. It's a great way to make some friends outside your course and adds to the university experience.

Attend all Lectures 

Now you may think well first year dosent count so I don't need to go to all of the lectures, well your wrong. Don't get me wrong there may be one or two lectures which don't seem important I had some on how to revise which I never went to as I already had a system that worked for me.

Please don't make the same mistake that I did and miss loads of lectures as you will realise how important it is to attend when doing your coursework or exams. I went to around 4 of my economics lectures out of like 12+, I then realised when it came to my exams that I had a lot to learn. Luckily enough I revised it enough to pass but still attend at least 90% of your lectures as you will notice the difference I promise you.

Don't leave coursework to last minute

Again something I was very very guilty of doing so and as a result I got a very low mark on my most important piece of coursework. I knew I could of gotten better but due to me leaving it to the last minute I got a lower mark. If you get an assignment and the due date is 4 weeks away, don't leave it to last minute to write it. I would try and do it within two weeks so that the third and fourth week you can check it over and then relax and knowing you won't have to do an all nighter.

You could even do a bit week by week but don't leave it to last minute, some people may be able to bash out an assignment last minute and get a good mark, but if you know your not that person then do it earlier saves all the stress and hassle.

Have Fun 

Seems self explanatory but have fun. First year can seem quite stressful cause your trying to settle into a new routine, juggling a social life and university work but enjoy it. First year is the easiest year you will have as it normally is only worth 10% so you have some leeway in terms of getting low marks. I'm not going to tell you not to party as party all year long if you wish as long as you have fun.

University is supposed to be a fun experience and second year is where you will have to knuckle down a bit more. Also your only a fresher once so enjoy it as I would go back in a heartbeat if I could.

So that was my advice to all you first years heading to university in September, enjoy the build up as much as you would the actual experience, go celebrate and get prepared as your in for one hell of a ride.
My final thoughts to you all is good luck, have fun and enjoy every minute.

I hoped you enjoyed this post and found it useful, there will be some more university post's coming your way in the next few weeks so look out for them.

Thanks For Reading,
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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream SPF 15 Review

Hey everyone, 

I am back with another beauty post and this time it is a review of the Clarins essential silky creme with spf 15. This product is part of the Clarins hydrating range which got re launched in March of this year I believe. 
I bought this when I was in duty free as I forgot to pack a moisturiser and I had been wanting this for a while so it seemed the perfect time to try it out.

There is two types of hydra- essential moisturisers one with spf 15 and one without. I chose the one with spf 15 as I was going on a holiday to Tenerife so it made sense. 

My first impressions of the product was that it didn't feel thick as such but it did have some weight to the product. When we arrived in Tenerife I tried it on the back of my hand and it blended in easily and felt very hydrating. 
I tried it on my face the first night we was there and it felt really hydrating, it kind of reminded me of the Origins overnight mask which I also love. 

I originally planned to tell you about the pros and cons of the product but for me personally, I can only find one con of the product which is a testement to how well this has worked for me. The one fault I have with it is that it is feels sticky after application, which is fine at night but not great if am in a rush and need to apply my makeup straight away, as I find it doesn't apply that great unless I wait for it to dry.

Overall this moisturiser has worked wonders on my skin, it has provided me with the much needed moisture that my skin needs. It also works well with all of my other skincare products in my routine. 

I would highly recommend this product as I struggle to find a moisturiser that is suitable for my sensitive dry skin, yet this one ticks all the boxes.
I have my eye on a few of the other products from the range as it has impressed me so much. 

I hoped you enjoyed reading my thoughts on the Clarins Hydra -essentiel moisturiser, let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of the products from the range. 

Have a fabulous sunday and I will see you all again next week. 

Thanks For Reading, 
Until Next Time, 
Heathers World, 


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

What Is In My Beach Bag - Summer Holiday 2017

Hey everyone, 

Back again with another post and this time it is a what is in my beach bag. I thought this would be a super fun post to do showing you all what I had in my beach/pool/water park bag while I was in Tenerife. 

The essentials -  These are the things that stayed in my beach bag throughout the whole of the trip and never really got swapped out. 

Ganier Dry Mist Factor 30 Sun Cream - Great sun cream worked well on my fair skin although me being in the sun for 7 days straight meant I was always going to burn.

Asos Sunglasses - I can only wear prescription sunglasses but these where good for when I just closed my eyes and sunbathed, to stop any rays disturbing my sunbathing.

Carex wet wipes- An essential in any of my travel bags as there great to refresh your face and also to wipe your hands clean. 

Tissues - Bit boring but always an essential in any of my bags.

Asos Sun hat - Loved this sun hat, not only is it gorgeous it kept the sun out of my face and stopped my hair from burning.

Sun Lip Balm - This was a huge help and it stopped me from burning my lips.

Beach towel - Need I say more can't have a beach bag without a beach towel, mine was from Matalan and done it's job.

Wet brush - This was so useful for brushing my hair after being in the pool or on the rides in Siam Park,  loved this so much. 

Extras   - Items that I didn't always have in my bag but did on occasion.

Cooling mist - I loved this for cooling me down when it got really hot, was a nice little refresher for the skin and body.

Book or magazine - Was a great way to pass the time

Coverup - Great to cover up a bit more of my skin and also they looked cute, which one depended on which bikini I wore

Small hand towel- to cover up where I had already been burnt to not burn even further

Clamp/Bobble - Great for putting my sweaty hair up and keeping it off my face. 

So that is everything that is in my bag. I hopped you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments below what you keep in your beach or pool bag!
I will see you again next sunday with a new post

Thanks For Reading,
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Monday, 31 July 2017

Duty Free Haul - Tenerife Edition

Hey everyone, 

First of this post is way way over due and I apologise for how late this is going up. Secondly it is going to be quite a short post as I didn't buy that much this time around from duty free. Lastly this is a to combined duty free haul from both on my way to tenerife and returning from tenerife.  Also I can't remember the exact prices for the products as we threw away the receipts.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle purse spray perfume 

I picked this up as I adore the Coco Mademoiselle fragrance and really wanted the purse spray as it's easier to carry around in my bag. I love that you get two refills with this which should last me a long time as I switch out my perfume regularly. 

Smirnoff Litre Vodka 

A duty free staple for me, whenever I am returning from somewhere I always pick up a litre bottle of vodka as vodka and coke is my choice of drink. I picked up the plastic bottle this time as it was less likely to be broken on route home.

Tom Ford Mandarino Di Amalfi Acqua 

This was a treat to myself for getting through my university exams and what a treat it is. It has a distinctive strong scent which I am not going to try and describe as I would butcher the scent. To me is basically smells like summer and will always remind me of Tenerife 2017. Plus everyones entitled to a bit of luxury now and again.

Clarins hydra-essentiel spf15 moisturiser.

This was bought as I didn't have a moisturiser to take with me so was a bit of an impulse buy. I am so glad I purchased this as it has worked wonders on my skin since using it, I won't go into to much detail as I do have a full review coming soon on my blog so look out for that.

So there you have my small but expensive duty free haul, like I said I didn't go overboard as we still have new york in 10 weeks so wanted to save for that. I hoped you enjoy this post even if it is so overdue.

I will see you again on sunday with a new post,

Thanks For Reading
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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Heathers World Takes On The Big Apple - Our Package

Hey everyone, 

I am back with another post in my heathers world takes on the big apple series and this time it will be talking about our package and how we booked it. 
I thought this one would be a good one to do as a lot of people when booking New York tend to book flights and hotel separately whereas we have done it as one package. 

Expect a lot of New York posts coming up as we are 81 days away at the time of writing this post 25th July)
I am hoping to get a post up within the next month or so with our plans or things we have booked are booking, but I am just waiting on our friends to be free so we can organise that. 
Anyway after that way to long introduction let's get into the post.

Our Package 

So we have booked a five night six days package in new york. We choose five nights as we knew that it would take us longer to do things with my mums health conditions so 3 nights wasn't feasible, it would also mean that we would be flying home the day after my birthday which we didn't want to do. We also didn't want to do do 7 nights as it worked out more than what we budgeted for. 

We will be staying at the Park Central hotel in new york. When deciding our hotel we was looking at going five star with it being my birthday trip, but we just didn't fancy any of them and settled on a four star hotel. The hotel is gorgeous and is located in central manhattan and within close proximity to central park and times square. 

There is a few downsides to the hotel and that is the lack of restaurant/ breakfast which means we will be eating out all day every day, I think even if there was one we would only have had breakfast maybe one day in the hotel. Another was that the reviews had been hit and miss for the hotel. 

We booked flights, hotel, transfers, selected seats, and meals along with flexible booking which we used as it was originally just me and my mum. 

Who We booked with

We booked our holiday with Thomas Cook as they were one of the only companies allowing us to book more than a year in advance with flights included. 
Virgin was another company we looked at but we would of had to wait which we didn't want to do. 

We also choose to book with Thomas Cook due to the price they were charging as having done our research we found them to be the best value.

It worked out at around a little over 1000 each for the whole package which considering your getting 5 nights hotel with flights and the others I mentioned above it was pretty reasonable. Also for the price we got a hotel that is in central manhattan and close to things we want to see. 

Why we choose to book as a package 

This kind of ties in with the above statements. One of the reasons we choose to go for a package was that we was able to book way in advance which is what suited our needs. 

To go with that as we booked a packaged it has allowed us to pay it of bit by bit each month which suited our financial situation.

The final reason we choose to book a package was that it worked out substantially cheeper for us than if we had done it individually. We did look at booking them individually but it worked out more expensive so we decided to go for a package.

Have you booked new york through a package? If so how did you find it?

Thanks For Reading
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